What is the HubSpot Sales Hub?

You used to have to talk to a representative to get information. Now there are countless ways that buyers can come in contact with possible B2B organisations: offline and online, from different departments. It’s no longer the exclusive role of marketing to attract customers. Sales also wants to know who is a potential customer, which information he or she has already received, and what is hindering their conversion.

Selling better and more efficiently

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Deploy HubSpot Sales Hub as a handy sales tool. You can use this HubSpot solution either stand-alone or linked to other HubSpot modules. The intention: allow your sales to work better and offer your customers a pleasant experience during their buyer journey.

Why Sales Hub?

Sales Hub capitalises on several concrete challenges that many sales reps deal with.

1. Spend more time on the right leads

According to research, representatives only spend a third of their time on sales. Why? There are often too many internal processes and administrative tasks. The remaining time should be spent on valuable prospects: qualified leads that visit your website, view your content, read your emails, click on calls to action, ask questions and have purchasing power.

2. Start on a buyer journey in pole position

Most B2B buyers look for answers online. They often fall for the party that offers them the best solution. If you only talk about your brand or product, you’ll come off worst. You must respond to concrete questions: research how someone behaves online and makes purchases, then bring the right message to the right person at the right moment. That is how you create added value.

3. Grow with new, better business

Every company looks for new opportunities and markets. This means attracting more new leads and shortening the buying cycle. This will enable you to get more work done and conclude better deals, on condition that sales and marketing work together, which (unfortunately) often doesn’t happen. In many cases, marketing doesn’t know what sales does with a lead, and sales has no idea which information a lead has already received from marketing. If you want better results, sales must proceed with the buying experience that marketing has employed.

4. Increase the productivity of your sales teams

Every deal involves a few repetitive tasks: making appointments, sending follow-up emails, establishing tasks, logging and following up calls. That takes a lot of time, especially if you always have to open the same email or must send emails back and forth to set a date for an appointment. It’s better to use this valuable time to offer substantive added value, to advise someone better and thereby improve your chances for a deal.

HubSpot’s Sales Hub enables you to follow up the right leads efficiently:

  • It sends notifications when a lead is active on your website or in your shared documents
  • It automatically logs all your interactions with every lead
  • It automatically sends e-mail series
  • It allows potential customers to book a meeting in your calendar

What are the advantages?

You know who is looking at your company right now

HubSpot allows you to know who is looking at which page of your website and when. This gives you a reason to phone the lead and help them, or it helps you have a better conversation based on what the lead already knows. The activity rate can also be an indicator as to whether someone is 'ready to buy' or not.

You book an initial conversation faster

You have a handy booking tool that makes it easy for people to plan a meeting in your calendar. If you combine this with automatic follow-up emails and an analysis of what your lead reads or opens, you can make contact and follow up more cleverly.

You conclude a deal more quickly

Because you know exactly what someone has read, you are better prepared at your sales meeting, and you can come to the point quickly. It also increases trust because you show that you know the other party’s questions and how to help them.

You maintain an overview with sales dashboards

In Sales Hub, you can organise customised sales dashboards to follow up your ongoing deals. For example, you can add information, register conversations and establish tasks. You can customise quickly and from every device. You’ll lose very little time on administration and can focus on your conversation.

Which tools are included?

Email templates

You can draw up frequently-used email templates and share them with your team. It’s easy to personalise these templates with so-called tokens that automatically adapt the personal data (where necessary).

Email series

You can automatically send a series of personalised emails at an interval of your choosing. You can do this to nurture leads: if a lead matches your solution but isn’t ready to sit down with sales. The sequence stops as soon as the lead answers one of the emails.

Email tracking

Every email that you send is followed up. Has someone opened your email? Did they download an attachment? Or did they click on a link? You will get a notification.


You can save, manage, share with your team, and follow up all kinds of sales documents in HubSpot: presentations, leaflets, product specs, proposals, etc. You always know who, when, where, and how long someone has looked in your document. You can see what your lead is interested in and you can follow-up on these interests in the sales process. By analysing how often your documents are opened and read, you can optimise them and turn them into sales tools.


Do you need to schedule a meeting with several people? This often involves several emails. Not with the HubSpot Sales Hub: you simply send a link that communicates all the available dates and times. This enables you to book a one-on-one meeting or a meeting with different team members. Extremely easy and efficient!

Live chat

Imagine that one of your leads is on your website; you can start a live chat and check whether you can help them with anything. These conversations are also saved and can be followed up in the future.

Making and registering calls

You can phone your lead with HubSpot. The call is registered automatically. You can record the entire conversation and listen to it again later. This might give you more insight or help you evaluate and improve your calls.

Lead scoring

You can automatically award someone a score based on their behaviour: pages visited, downloads, opened emails, etc. That way, you can determine who deserves more attention and priority, and you can focus on the 'hot' leads.


Registering and following up sales tasks involves a mountain of data. It’s easy to turn that data into reports that only include the figures that are relevant for you or management.


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With the help of HubSpot Sales Hub, you put a sales enablement strategy into practice: you save time, address your leads more logically, and your sales team is more productive. Moreover, you don’t have to use other HubSpot modules to get started with the sales tool.


Do you want to know what HubSpot can mean for your sales team? We will gladly look at how your sales are going and where the opportunities lie.